VIP Extended

Product VIP Extended

Our Hatina WS family is now larger thanks
to our newest extraordinary equipment.

Microtest newest innovative equipment for testing power devices increasing parallelism (up to 48/96 site in single configuration).

By pairing up 4 VIP Extended, you can test up to 400 vi-power e smart power devices in parallel!


Automatic Test equipment for EWS, Instrip and final test for :

  • High side and low side driver devices
  • IGBT
  • Power MOS
  • Smart Power
Main Features
  • Up to 48 sites
  • Up to 200 A
  • Extremely high production rates
  • Quick maintenance
  • Low footprint
  • Incredibly low cost per site
  • Up to 3 kV
  • Higher with Ping Pong configuration


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