Our Approach to Sustainability

Altopascio April 2024

Microtest Group is a leader in the creation of test systems and in the testing of microchips and silicon wafers. In the last years we have become the main operator in the microchip testing services sector in Italy and we are a privileged partner for world leaders in the production of microchips and semiconductors.

Our philosophy is to combine the best minds with different skills to provide superior solutions in microelectronic applications.

We conduct our activities and operations in line with our Mission, to combine innovation, continuous improvement, and sustainability, operating as a reliable global supplier and partner for companies seeking advanced electronic and microelectronic solutions for various applications, and our Vision, to reach Total Customer Satisfaction by increasing our products and services portfolio.

To enable the delivery of our mission and vision, the effective integration of Environmental, Social and Governance matters have become a key part of our strategy.

Our ESG / Sustainability Strategy

At Microtest we believe in the importance of safeguarding people, our communities, and the environment.

Over the last years we have implemented a series of policies and processes to enable an approach towards sustainability within the organisation, including the disclosure of our Company Policy and the implementation of our ISO management systems.

Strengthening our Governance

At Microtest we also believe in conducting our business with integrity and for this reason in the last years we have implemented policies or joined initiatives that aim to improve our governance structure.

We adopted a Model of Organizational Management in alignment with Legislative Decree 231/2001 (MOG 231) and published a Code of Ethics in line with the Responsible Business Alliance.

Managing our Supply Chain

At Microtest we recognise that managing our activities effectively, specifically in the context of ESG, means expanding our oversight and policies beyond the remits of our group but also to the key stakeholders within our supply-chain. To this end, to ensure that our suppliers adhere to high standards of safe working conditions, fair and respectful treatment of employees, and ethical practices, we issued a Suppliers Code of Conduct and we joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

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