General purpose

Microtest can support customers in the development of their ideas by implementing innovative and tailored electromechanical solutions.
Microtest high skilled team of engineers can develop a project starting from zero.
All the phases – design, reliability, quality control, layout, production and assembly – are carried out within the organization with the possibility to optimize time and resources.


“The silicon solutions accessible to all”
Ready to put your dream in a piece of silicon


“From a customer idea to an electromechanical Turnkey Solution”
Thinking different, producing in innovative way


“Fast, Good, Cheap: it isn’t a longer an utopia”
Looking at the present with the technology of the future


“The silicon solutions accessible to all”

  • Medium Volume Management for the Full Custom Integrated Components [ASIC]
  • Innovative solutions, given by 20 years experience of Smart Power ASICs Development
  • Proven analog& digital knowledge in Mixed Signal Technologies, specialized in Automotive Field
  • Capability to manage all development steps (Design, Testing,  Reliability & Qualification) from Specification to the Industrialization and Mass-Production
  • Design for X > zero PPM solutions
  • Automotive & Industrial Applications : Airbag & ABS, LIN /CAN Bus Interfaces, Sensor Interfaces Safety Power Supply.
  • ASIC for ATE performance improvement: innovative and proprietary solutions


“From a customer idea to an electromechanical Turnkey Solution”

  • 20 years design experience on Automotive, RF, Biomedical, Military Applications
  • Very fast Prototype realization
  • Turn-key Solutions, provided also with mechanical equipment
  • High Quality Warranty of Boards/System, thanks to the Completely Internal Production & Quality Flow
  • Advanced Technology of the Automatic Assembly Line (Jet Printing &  Vacuum Vapor phase)
  • Design for X (Reliability, Yield, Manufacturing, Repeatability, Failure Mode & MTBF analysis)
  • Consolidated experience in FPGAs Programming (Xilinx Platform)
  • Low Cost Solutions thanks to a Full internal Control of Development Process
  • Customized software /firmware/ hardware development
  • Interdisciplinary Know-how
  • Mechanical and Electronic (Power & Signal Integrity) Simulation Platforms
  • State of art for mechanical and electronic production
  • Environmental & Reliability Test on the Finished Board/System
  • Full Hardware control: Functional or Flying Probe Test


“Fast, Good, Cheap: it isn’t a longer an utopia”

  • DIB, PID, BID & Probe Card for every ATE platform
  • 20 years design experience on Automotive, RF, Biomedical, Industrial, Mems, Military, Space Applications
  • Very fast prototyping for board realization (less than 5 weeks for medium hardware complexity)
  • High quality warranty thanks to the advanced and innovative technology for assembly, quality and verification development steps
  • Low cost solutions thanks to the development flow completely internal to the organization
  • Hardware verification at 100% of board coverage (Flying Probe Control)
  • Mechanical frames (standard or customized) for ATE docking
  • Functional test on the standard ATE Platform
  • Innovative modular solutions to increase the hardware density
  • More than 150 prototypes/years
  • High frequency RF solution with dedicated simulation tool
  • Electronic (Power & Signal Integrity) Simulation Platforms