Smart Waste

Smart Waste: the RFID technology employed to improve the collection and recording procedure for non-recyclable waste.

Ascit is the company that manages the collection of urban waste in the Municipalities of Altopascio, Capannori, Porcari Montecarlo, Pescaglia and Villa Basilica (Lu – Italy). Ascit consulted Microtest to develop a technological solution to improve the management of unsorted door-to-door waste collection, without modifying the job procedure by the operator.

Solution development:
Microtest has developed the hardware and the software to read and manage the data from the RFID tag placed on the bags and on the dumpster; it also selected the RFID tag by carrying out specific tests that guaranteed its resistance to high/low temperatures.

This technological solution has proven its resistance and automated tracking capability.

The system includes:

  • RFID tag
  • Antenna (located on the vehicle)
  • Control System
  • Database

This great result is possible with the turn-key Microtest application, oriented to the smart waste management using RFID traceability.

The automatic reading of the microchip is essential to speed up the collection procedure performed by the operator. A manual reading of the identification number is not needed as the detection is automatic (hand-free), and no changes in collection operations are required.

The reader detects the RFID tag identifying the user and records the information on a memory system that is processed later on.

Thanks to this smart collection detection system, Ascit can keep the number of annual deliveries of non-recyclable waste made by each user under control, assigning the proper fee for the disposal service.