Microtest spreads innovation: more than 500 ATE systems sold worldwide by 2021.

Since its foundation in 1999 Microtest’s driving force is creating a value innovation for customers.

Microtest’s team of highly specialized engineers is constantly looking for new solutions to solve test problems, to increase the flexibility of procedures and to reduce costs while maintaining a high reliability level of the results.

The innovative features of Microtest’s systems are recognized by the market, as demonstrated by the sales that reached more than 500 units at the end of 2021.

Microtest’s catalogue offers general purpose ATE that are unique on the market, but the company is also able to offer customized ATE to meet customers’ needs, supporting them in the implementation of innovative projects to achieve ever-increasing ambitious goals.

Thanks to the customers’ confidence, Microtest can continue its growth towards innovation and improvement in the field of semiconductor testing for all different application fields, finding innovative solutions to help people leading a better life every day.