The selected candidate will join our Sales Team in order to work on promoting our testing equipments, supporting our costumers before and after sales and attending exhibitions/expos.

Main Activities:

• Enstablishing new relationships with clients and maintaining the pre-existing ones;

• Interfacing with the Technical Dept., in order to stay updated on products characteristics;

• Preparing and managing presentations for customers;

• Demonstrating how a product meets a client’s needs;

• Providing sales support during virtual and onsite client meetings;

• Identifying the customer’s current and future requirements;

• Reviewing customer drawings, plans and other documents in order to prepare detailed   technical proposal for them;

• Offering after-sales support services;

• Conveying solution benefits to both business and technical audiences;

• Preparing and presenting potential cost benefit analysis to potential clients;

• Putting together technical instruction for customers in relation to the use, operation and maintenance of purchased products;

• Negotiating tender, contract terms and conditions;

• Carrying out market analysis and seeking new customers;

• Enstablishing partnerships with new suppliers and maintaining the pre-existing ones.


-Bachelor / Master of Science in Electrical/Electronic Engineering;

-willingness to travel;

-public speaking capability;

-experience in Sales.

Location: Lucca Area-Italy

Remuneration proportionate to experience.

The selected candidate will be in charge of the following activities:

In-House activities:

  • Testing machines set up and troubleshooting;
  • Verifying the hardware before the Ate’s sent to the customer.

Activities Among Customers:

  • Installing ATE inside customers’plants;
  • performing maintenance actions and repairing on ATE;
  • Training the customers’ maintenance teams.
  • Receiving feedback e and new requests from customers;


  • Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering/Diploma in Electronics;
  • Knowledge of programming language C (C++);
  • Knowledge of Testing machines;
  • Knowledge of English and Mandarin;
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Ability to set up and to mantain business relationships.


Location: Melaka-Malaysia

Remuneration proportionate to experience.

In our Testing Team, the selected candidate will develop software and hardware components for testing mixed signal ASIC and other integrated circuits (DUT – device under test) on different ATE platforms (automatic test equipment). He/she will also manage the subsequent Testing and Debugging Process.

Main Activities:

  • Analysing DUT datasheet
  • Developing the Test List/Test Plan for DUT testing coverage
  • Developing ATE device interface board (DIB)
  • Developing ATE Test Program (C++ and Visual Basic)
  • Validating and characterizing the DUT
  • Finalizing the Test Program and supporting the DUT testing production process.

  • Recently graduated in Electronic/Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced Knowledge of Chinese and English
  • Capability to program in C++ and VB
  • Knowledge of the program Orcad for PCB design
  • Knowledge -at least at the basic level- of the main laboratory equipment: oscilloscope, multimeter, spectrum analyser
  • Willingness to travel.

Location: Melaka-Malaysia
Remuneration proportionate to experience.

In our Software Development Team , the selected candidate will be in charge of the following activities:

  • Software Development for testing machines ATE;
  • Software Test and debug.



  • Master’s Degree in  Computer Engineering;
  • Knowledge of :
  • language C, C++, C#;
  • Windows and Linux;
  • Computer Networks;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Computer Hardware;
  • XML;
  • English.


Location: Lucca Area

Remuneration proportionate to experience.

The selected candidate will be in charge of the following activities:

  • Test House machines set up
  • Visual inspection activity (incoming material, wafers, packaged devices, etc…)
  • Wafer probing
  • Devices Testing
  • Managing the burn-in
  • Monitoring Test House machines and reporting/fixing failures
  • Preparing packages and shipments


  • High School Diploma in electronics
  • Knowledge of Test House machines
  • Knowledge of English
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Availability for shift works, night shift works, weekend shift works

Location: Melaka-Malaysia
Remuneration proportionate to experience.

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  • Takes part to the projects technical and system feasibility analysis:

-internal and external assessment;

-SWOT analysis;

-budget analysis;

-preliminary planning definition.

  • Defines timing and methods for projects in cooperation with stakeholders and makes the resources assessment;
  • CoordinATE internal activities in accordance with the timing and the methods defined;
  • Provides eriodic internal reports to the Management;
  • UpdATE customers on the progress of work;
  • Implements corrective actions focusing on continuous improvement.


  • University Degree in Engineering;
  • Knowledge of Project Management tools and methods;
  • Cost Management capabilities;
  • Knowledge of English;
  • Ability to coordinate human resources and to work in a team.