Microtest Pacific got the Manufacturing Licence to operate in Malaysia

Mr. Ang Jiun Guan, Managing Director of Microtest Pacific Sdn. Bhd., and his staff, Ms. Chin Fei Fei have received the No Objection Letter (NOL) for the Manufacturing License application.

Microstest Pacific headquartered in Melaka has achieved remarkable milestones and steadily growth since its formation in 2018. With the award of Manufacturing License from Invest Melaka and MIDA in Mar 24, 2024, it marked a critical juncture to supply glocal innovative and effective microelectronics solutions and support to its customers in the region.

Companies that are active in the manufacturing business in Malaysia must comply with several regulations supervised by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

The Malaysian manufacturing sector’s regulatory compliance issues ensure that businesses only produce goods supporting country’s social and economic goals. Further, it promotes the industrial sector’s orderly growth and minimizes practices like managing hazardous waste, pollution, and other environmental challenges that might damage society.

Getting the Manufacturing Licence is a fundamental step to expand the business of the Microtest Group in the Far East.

The award of Manufacturing License allows Microtest Pacific to pioneering their state-of-art facility in Melaka, that will be equipped with a new acquired PCB assembly line, an expansion of current Test House production capability, an upgrade of Ovenless Burn-in technology, a strong increase in R&D capability including a new sophisticated microelectronic design center to expand this strategic service also in the Far East area.
In addition to these new business opportunities, TP development capability and customer production support with an enhanced spare parts inventory for faster replacement will also be strengthened.

In all activities, will always be paid a great focus to energy saving and emission reduction with reference to ESG themes. Microtest Pacific also plan to grow its headcount by over 50% within 2025.

A No Objection Letter (NOL) was presented to the Director of Microtest Pacific, Mr. Ang Jiun Guan by the CEO of Invest Melaka, Datuk Ginie Lim, on Mar 25, 2024. Together with the support from the Group, Microtest Pacific is entering into another phase of technological breakthrough and innovation with the pool of local and international talents.

Microtest Pacific would like to extend an appreciation to Microtest SpA (HQ), Invest Melaka, MIDA for supporting its expansion initiatives and breakthrough innovations.

Microtest SpA, founded 25 years ago, has made three major acquisitions in 2023, creating a larger organization, The Microtest Group (the Group). In 2024, the Group has announced its International Goals with an ambitious bid for 23 millions MYR investment and expansion in its Asia Pacific headquarters, Microtest Pacific, with the demonstration of confidence in business growth in the region.