Microtest at the International
Italian-Russian meeting dedicated to the
aero-space sector

Microtest has taken part to the international Italian-Russian meeting dedicated to the “Scientific and industrial technologies in the aero-space sector”. The event was held in Montecatini from 9 to 12 December 2019 in the magnificent location of the Grand Hotel & La Pace.

This international meeting organized by The Arnold Regge Center, and mainly supported by several other public and private entities, aims at reviewing the perspectives of fruitful Italo-Russian interactions and scientific-industrial partnerships related with the technological transfer in the fields of aero-space industry, both for commercial and fundamental science ventures, of composite material production and applications, of high vacuum technologies and still of more innovative issues relevant both to private industry and to mega science projects.

Microtest was one of the protagonists of the conference with the speech of the Testing Director Eng. Moreno Lupi entitled “Trend in the Microelectronic industry for space application and the importance of radiation test”.

During the meeting Microtest had the opportunity to show the advanced results reached in the space applications to an international audience.