Meet new Japanese opportunities

Last December Microtest took part in a strategic bilateral meeting in Tokyo that marked the start of an economic, industrial and technological cooperation between Italy and Japan.

The CEO Giuseppe Amelio and the managing director Moreno Lupi attended this important institutional meeting representing Microtest.
The Company was selected by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy to represent the Italian leading edge in the development of solutions in the field of semiconductor applications. The meeting also coincided with the opening of Semicon Japan 2023.

The opening session was held in the prestigious setting of the Italian Cultural Institute, a beautiful building designed by architect Gae Aulenti located in Kudan-Minami in the Chiyoda-ku district.
Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy of the Republic of Italy, presented the strategic plan and the importance of Italy-Japan collaboration, focusing on promoting private investment and industrial research projects, particularly in high-tech sectors.

The second day was devoted to the future prospects of microelectronics with a scheduled workshop on technology frontiers and semiconductors, co-hosted by the Italian and Japanese governments. The meeting was held at the Japanese Ministry of Industry in the presence of the Italian Minister Urso and the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yasutoshi Nishimura.

Microtest partecipated to a round table of the best companies from both Countries that had the opportunity to present their business. Among the leading back-end microelectronics companies, Sony Semiconductor Solution on the Japanese side and ST Microelectronics, Technoprobe and Leonardo on the Italian side, were invited to participate in the institutional meeting.

Having been selected it is a matter of great pride for Microtest: it is a demonstration of the value of the technological development carried out in almost 25 years of activity and an important international recognition.