Covid-19 update: Microtest has never stopped working, respecting delivery times and increasing efficiency

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Microtest adapted its working practices to the new conditions required by the Italian government. Due to challenging times, we decided to re-organize the production activities until the end of the emergency.

Our management aimed “what was reasonably practicable” to protect our employees, finding a solution to guarantee the continuity of production and testing, aware of the importance of our support for strategic industries.

Despite smart working was encouraged wherever possible, we recorded a production efficiency increase! Thanks to the expertise and knowhow of our microelectronic designers, we kept the excellence in these challenging times.

We minimized the number of the employees working at the same time in our plants, granting the continuity of the necessary operations in the factory.

The requested one-meter distance is always kept; people wear DPI strictly following the regulations to reduce risks of infection.

Our technicians and the commercial department are available for any clarification and customer support as usual. Thanks to our smart and flexible approach, we are able to communicate worldwide with our customers by phone, email or conference call.

Our willing to find innovative solutions represents our philosophy. It will never change, not even during this worldwide pandemic.

We always make it work, together. Safe and always 100% operating.