Microtest is proud to be part of the launch of the new Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico is the first microcontroller designed directly by Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Microtest actively contributed to make this project real, testing its development since the first steps.

Raspberry Pi Pico is an extremely low-cost (just $4!) breakout board for RP2040, aimed at both beginners and experienced users: it is designed for those who want a simple and ready-to-use solution with supported for analog inputs to be combined with a traditional Raspberry Pi for their hobbyist projects or within industrial applications. Low cost and low energy consumptions are the main features of this new revolutionary 2mm2 chip suitable for all. It can be easily reprogrammed over USB from a Raspberry Pi or other computer using the C/C++ SDK or the official MicroPython port.
By our side, we are proud to be part of this challenging project. We share with the Raspberry Pi Foundation the commitment to spread the knowledge about electronics among people, especially among new generations by developing easy-to-use and affordable boards.
Let’s start automate with Raspberry Pi Pico tested by Microtest!