Microelectronic Design

Microtest’s microelectronic design team boast an impressive portfolio pf delivered device including analog, digital, mixed-signal, high/low voltage application. Microtest is Specialized in automotive mixed-signal and RF device.
A large microelectronic design team using the more advanced EDA tools, is able to finalize all your needs in a piece of silicon that will meet your requests.
We have a large experience in a lot of different devices, starting from analog, to digital, to mixed signal devices using bipolar, c-mos, d-mos technologies.
Our expertise covers all different stages of the microelectronic design flow:

  • Specification management
  • Design for testability
  • Schematics and simulation phase
  • Floorplan, layout and bonding diagram
  • Test bench activity
  • Bug fixing to silicon problem solving
  • Mass production tuning