Hatina 4S


Hatina 4S


Digital mixed-signal and MEMS devices

  • Small and Portable ATE system
  • Usable also for bench activities
  • User friendly GUI activities
  • C++ IDE used for TP writing and debugging
  • Several online interactive Debug Displays and Templates to assist TP development and debug
  • Backplane for installing up to 4 instrument boards (same kind of boards or different ones)
  • AC/DC 2KW Power Supply (AC 220V/50Hz-DC 48V)
  • USB 2.0 comunication protocol used for diving
  • ATE from tester computer (USB 3.0 and PCI Express compatible)
  • Handler interfacing via Ethernet/GPIB for full compatibily with production equipments



  • DCS_160LP (160 DC Sources per board @200mA)
  • DCS_80MP (80 DC Sources per board @4A)
  • DCS_16HP (16 DC Sources per board @10A)
  • HSD_256 (256 digital channels per board)
  • 200MHz drive/receive one PPMU per pin 64M pattern memory per pin
  • HVDD_688 (6 AWG+16 DIG Instruments per board)
  • New Era Board (480 digital channels-384 PPMUs)