Test program development and support

Highly qualified testing engineers support the customers all over the world for test program development.


Services include: DFT, Test Program Development and Debug, Test Time optimization, Yield improvement, Production Support, Turn-key solutions
Strong experience on all the different Teradyne platforms A565, A585, Catalyst, J750, Integra Flex for any kind of products, including RF Solutions


State of the art tester availability. Our testing room is one of the most powerful in the world.

Equipments available:

  • Teradyne A565
  • Teradyne J750
  • Teradyne uFlex, (2 systems)
  • Teradyne Integra Flex (with uWave option)
  • Hatina
  • Accretech APM90
  • Accretech UF200
  • Burn-In system
  • Thermostream

Thanks to these equipments, we are able to develop the most powerful and complex test solutions for all the different application markets: automotive, industrial, consumer, space, military.


ISO qualified test solution flow.