Electronic board assembly

Microtest is able to provide a full scale manufacturing process. Our equipment represent the state of the art for EMS, allowing to reach incredibly high precisions in the process.
Our automatic machines, combined with skilled and high trained technicians and engineers, are capable to mount with extreme accuracy SMD and through-hole components over PCB boards, for both internal applications (Such as ATE manufacturing and dedicated hardware for testing) and for our customers, allowing us to provide a full range of EMS services, with quick response and high quality.

MY500 Jet printer
The MY500 is designed to keep pace with a pick and place line rated at 30,000 cph. It is capable of applying a wide range of leaded and lead-free solder pastes as well as Surface Mount Adhesives (SMA). It is ready to start a new job in minutes and ensure an optimal paste volume for each solder joint.
MY300 Pick and place
The MY300 is an accurate and precise pick and place that can handle up to 16000 components/hour and mount them with an extreme precision, requiring little or no intervention from the user. It has a capability of up to 192 feeders, on tape reel, trays or stick.
It comes along with an SMD tower to store hundreds of different reels and automatically prepare for the assembly program.
That equipment helps Microtest providing a product of superior quality to its customers.
VP6000 Vapor phase vacuum soldering oven
This oven allows to reach an extreme accuracy of soldered joints, due to the vacuum technology and the independent control on different areas.
JADE S-200 MKII selective soldering system
Thanks to this equipment we can mount PTH components with an extreme precision, using a specially designed nozzle. The high quality of the soldered joints is granted by the protective atmosphere.
Visual inspection (Omron RNS II-PT)
Visual inspection is one of the key phase to ensure the maximum quality for our manufacturing process, allowing to find defects imperfection and correct them.
SEICA Pilot V8 Flying probe
With the Flying probe even the most complex boards can be electrically tested before going on. Every small defect that may result in problems during lifetime of the board can be identified and corrected.