Electronic and electromechanical turn-key solutions

Give us your idea and we will provide a customized high value-added fully functional product.
Microtest expertise covers all electronic device development phases:


  • A strong proficiency in schematic and layout design
  • Customized software and firmware development
  • High quality manufacturing enabled by our top technologies
  • Absolute quality assurance granted by visual inspection, flying probe inspection, and functional test (with our own ATEs)


You will have your time-to-market reduced, your costs reduced, and your quality increased. Microtest covers all phases in the electronic and electromechanical device development process, as well as a subset of the process such as full-scale manufacturing (EMS).

Test house


  • Clean room: Accretech probers and handlers, hot, cold, and room temperature
  • Low, Medium, and High volume production
  • Characterization at 3T and CPK-analysis before production start.
  • Yield improvement, test time reduction
  • Transfer to production plant backed by our engineers
  • Statistical data and yield analysis available to the customers via secure Microtest web page
  • Radiation Testing


Microelectronic turn-key solutions


If you need a custom microelectronic device, Microtest covers:


  • Specification management
  • Design for Testability
  • Schematic and Simulation Phase
  • Floorplan, Layout, and Bonding Diagram
  • Test Bench
  • Bug Fixes
  • Mass Production Tuning

No boundaries to your idea or specification: we can conceive, create, and deliver analog, digital, and mixed-signal devices.